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In a recent poll, 84% of consumers said they would not buy a car from a dealership that got hacked. This makes sense, considering the amount of sensitive information that’s involved during a car purchase. This alarming statistic has motivated IT professionals in the car industry to look for multiple cybersecurity vendors, especially since 85% of IT employees said their dealership experienced a cyberattack in the last 2 years. In this article, we’ll look at the IT security challenges dealerships face today and the potentials solutions that can help them mitigate these risks

Today, IT professionals in the automotive industry are finding it hard to dedicate the resources and time to keep up with the latest generation of attacks. They typically buy and control separate devices, usually from multiple vendors. They tend to outsource these cybersecurity initiatives to managed service providers (MSPs) who facilitate the implementation of these devices. This makes it very challenging to deploy strategic and unified cybersecurity network solutions.

Another risk dealerships face is “shadow IT”. In service garages, employees connecting unauthorized devices to the corporate network is common. Devices like cell phones that are potentially loaded with malware can create vulnerabilities that hackers then exploit to move laterally across the corporate network, leaving sensitive data at high risk. If a dealership does have a mobile protection solution in place, it’s typically challenging for them to mitigate against unknown threats since most mobile protection solutions on the market only protect against known, registered threats.

Thankfully, there is a solution that can help dealerships overcome these hurdles. Check Point, a leader in cybersecurity backed by Gartner, offers a comprehensive solution called Check Point Infinity. This architecture covers all attack surfaces: mobile, endpoint, network, cloud, and even IoT devices. It protects these surfaces under one unified console. Check Point does this by leveraging Threat Cloud, a collaborative network and cloud-driven knowledge base that harnesses the power of being able to identify unknown, never-before-seen threats.

If you would like to see whether Check Point would be a good fit for your current environment, feel free to reach out to me for a consultation.

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